Banding of Haemorrhoids: A guide to helping you decide

Haemorrhoids or piles can be a nuisance. The first decision you need to make is are they bothering you enough to want them fixed. The commonest problems are:

  • Bleeding
  • Prolapse or swellings around your back passage when you open your bowels or permanently
  • Itching around your back passage
  • Leakage or a constant feeling of wetness around the back passage

Bleeding from piles can be treated with banding done in clinic. It is a simple treatment that involves an examination of your back passage in clinic with a proctoscope and application of bands to treat your piles.

Banding of piles

  • Takes a few minutes
  • Does not require any anaesthetic
  • Is well tolerated
  • Does not require time off work

Efficacy of banding

It is successful in treating bleeding in 70% of patients with early haemorrhoids (Grade 2). Recurrence rates vary between 10-25% depending on the stage of haemorrhoids. It can be repeated easily and is often the first treatment for piles that are small and bleed often.